Thursday, May 26, 2011

MITSUBISHI STARION ( Chrysler Conquest )

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The argument is.. Was this car meant to be named Mitsubishi Stallion ?, due to the Japanese not being able to pronounce the word right, it became known as Mitsubishi Starion (Chrysler Conquest in America) or was it named after the "Star of Orion"?...

Nobody will ever know.. but what a car..

For me , this is a classic 80s car.. Pop up headlights, boxy design and a 2L turbocharged engine.. This car had punch and was used in many off road rally's and track races.

The engine was mounted in the front and used rear wheel drive. It also had anti-lock brakes ( rear only ) and MacPherson strut suspension and swaybars ( front & rear ).

The Mitsubishi Starion often outperformed the Mazda RX7 & the Nissan 300zx (Mazda and Nissan owners will tell a different story :)).

The first Mitsubishi Starion came out in 1982 and produced around 125kw power.

One of my most favorite cars of the 80s.. just wish I owned one.

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