Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello and welcome back... Now here is a car that i did own. My VK Commodore was simular to the pic (right) except it had a thumping 5lt V8 engine with a chunky exhaust system, so loud in fact, i had to roll her down the hill and around the corner,because where i lived at the time, when i started her, the windows of my neighbors would rattle and would wake them up.

The VK Commodore came out in 1984 and was the first to introduce plastic bumpers and 6 windows.
The 6 window configuration was a good idea(small window on back doors) but in the real world it was an easy way for thieves to gain entry to your "beast" without much noise being made.A simple arm to the door lock and you could watch your pride and joy disappear up the road in trail of smoke and noise.

 Other engines available was a 3.3ltr straight six and came with a carburetor, only the Calais ( upmarket commodore) had fuel injection.
The dash went from rounded buttons to a more retro square buttons

V8 racing is huge in Australia, Your ether a Holden fan or a Ford fan, The 80s saw a new leader of Holden racing know as Peter Brock. The classic 05 Commodore back end was a familiar site of many a ford driver ( except Dick Johnson.. sometimes).
Peter Brock won many times at Bathurst (race track), sadly after retiring from V8 racing, he hit a tree while in a rally, driving a daytona sportscar and died.

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