Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello and welcome back .... Nothing says 80s than the "Delorean DMC 12",

The car made famous in the "Back to the Future"  movies.

This car would have looked bland and boring but the inventor John Delorean built his dream car with a stainless steel panels, gull-wing doors and fiberglass under-body.

Performance on the Delorean was dismal, great in theory but pretty crappy... The car had a 170hp (130kw) engine but due to U.S regulations, a catalytic converter had to be fitted which then cut power by 40hp (30kw)... still it was great to look at : )

Then there was "Back to the Future", a movie which brought this car fame, because before this movie, not many people had heard of a Delorean but afterwards everyone dreamed of owing one and turning it into a Time Machine... Me included.

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Thanks to Mighty Car Mods for the video

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  1. That's fascinating! It shows that you are a big fan of Back to the Future! That detailed replica of the Delorean is absolutely amazing! And the only missing feature here is the car’s ability to do time travel at 88mph.

    Stelle Courney

    1. So true.. I so wish time travel was possible, all those things I could buy and bring back... music, cars, fashion.. ok, not fashion..
      Cheers, thanks for your comment

  2. hi, very nice replica of this delorean, also like you am a big fan right back to the future. I am Brazilian and very short've seen different times and watch again. forgive me for mistakes in writing, because I use the google translator, my twitter is @ wagner_kbca


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