Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Ferrari was on a winner when they released the Testarossa in 1984,with its extra wide body ( 6.5 feet wide ), cheese grater fins on the sides and squat height (4 feet high ), this bad boy had one mean engine ( 4.9ltr 380bhp boxer v12 ). This was one sexy car and looked like no other. Italian styling at its best.

The word Testarossa means redhead in Italian due to the red cylinder heads on the engine and the fact that italians often refer to their cars as women = a redhead women is sexy, powerfull and sleek.

Then enter the TV program that launched this car into stardom " Miami Vice ". This show made the Testarossa a house hold name, soon everyone was dressing like Don Johnson and pretending that their Datsun 180b was a Ferrari... Well, i was.
 A excellent example of  80s style and the soundtrack to match.


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