Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello and welcome back... A tractor is where it all started, Yes, Lamborghini used to make tractors until its creator Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to make sports cars.

After owning several Ferrari's and Maserati's... Ferruccio thought there was something missing.

Marcello Gandini was a young designer and when asked by Lamborghini to create the perfect sports car he came up with the Countach. The result = A wedge shaped car with a V12 engine and scissor shaped doors and at times, a chunky ass rear wing.

 What a sexy rear end..

 The Countach looked like no other and sounded like it too.

A huge V12 engine which had to be put in backwards so that the tail shaft could talk to the gearbox which was in the front. In car terms it was Meaty.

In the "What the Hell were they Thinking" basket, someone decided the car would look better with a wing on the front which in my opinion looked crap.

The Countach is also used as race car ( see pics below ) and is in the movie "Cannon Ball Run".. The cops never stood a chance.

A true 80s super car.

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