Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello and welcome back.. The Subaru Vortex, also known as XT, XT6 and Alcyone was produced between 1985 to 1991.
The styling looks like they gave the designer at Subaru a block of cheese, a small butter knife and said " do your best".
This car had straight cuts and angular styling.
 The main thing that stood out was the wedge shape of the car with the addition of pop up lights..

 In Japan this car was known as Alcyone and translates to 'The Brightest Star' known as Pleiades star cluster which is also where the Subaru badge comes from.

 The inside of the vortex looked like something you would find on an aircraft mainly because it was inspired by Subaru's sister company 'Fuji Heavy Industries' .
They manufactured the aircraft 'Fuji FA200 Aero Subaru'.
Even the door handles resembled something you would find on a plane.
Another interesting feature was the dash which tilted with the steering wheel.

 The Vortex came out with Turbo charged engines and a choice of 2 ( front ) or 4 wheel drive which produced about 115hp (86kw ) and came with fuel injection.
The 4 wheel drive system was activated by a push button system.
The vortex also had Pneumatic suspension with height control.

An excellent example of the 80s, unusual styling that looked ahead of its time.






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